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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fight Gone Bad...

3 Rounds, 1 Minute each exercise, 1 Minute break between each Round:
(Count your reps- as many as you can get in a minute)

Squats w/ 10 pound med. ball- squat and throw ball to 10ft.
Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls (45 pound bar)
Box Jumps (14 inch box)
Push Press (45 pound bar)

So, a minute for each excercise with no rest until finished w/ all 5. Do it 3 times. Keep track of how many reps you do for each excercise. Add up total at end. This is the third time I've done this work out. The first time I threw up (but I finished!!) and ended up with like 175!! This time I had a total of 263. Landon had 370. He's a freak of nature, though:)

I challenge you to try it- or make your husband's try it!! Post your results!


Mimi said...

Do you want me to die!!!!!
I 'll give it a try, I'm game for anything!!! How about a round of tennis????Don't laugh when I post my score!!!!
So glad your parents are planning a move to Arkansas. Family close is so wonderful!!! She misses her Daughter and Grandkids so much I can only imagine!!!I wanted to tell you, my sister is going to Brazil again this summer for a missions trip and I sponsor her, but if you send me your church name and info on what your mission trip is, I would be happy to send you a donation. I know every bit helps!!! My sister has to raise like 3,000.00 for a 15 day trip. She helps out on a Medical boat that travels down the... I think the Amazon river, but I will have to check that for sure.You can write me back here or on my e-mail address. Let me know
God Bless you

racheljenae said...

i'll have to print this and try it later... when i have time to feel sick and puke :) Wish you were my workout partner!