The Trusty Fam!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Demi Lovato!!

For Maddie's 6th birthday we got a great opportunity to take her and her cousin Jessalyn to the David Archuletta/Demi Lovato concert hosted by Radio Disney. We have a great friend that hooked us up with tickets and meet and greet passes to take pics w/ David and Demi. I love Demi Lovato and couldn't have been more impressed by her singing. For being a teenager, that girl can wail!! The whole show was live and was awesome!! She is tiny in person!!

Landon was such a good sport through the whole night. Eventhough we got the tickets for free, I think we spent about $150 on snacks and junk!! But it was so worth it. The girls had the best time and were knocked out by the time we got home:)


Mimi said...

What a great experience , how awesome you got a hook up!!!!
Isn't Radio Disney just the best!!!
I sometimes clean my house to the tunes, since we have Radio Disney as one of our channels. It doesn't hurt that we truly love anything Disney!!!

racheljenae said...

I'm currently laughing soooo hard simply because Landon went too! What a great dad! When I was at the Jonas show a year ago, I was down front ready to shoot pictures and was turning around looking at the crazy crowd of young girls and all of the girls were going crazy and next to them would be there amazing father sitting calmly with this, 'why the heck did i get her tickets so close' look in their eyes! Then the screaming commenced! Happy 6th birthday Maddy!