The Trusty Fam!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I love this girl. She is funny, smart, fearless, stubborn, sassy, energetic, and COOL! She is my little best friend and for the first 3 years of her life, she was the best shopping partner!! Eventhough she's not the only kid in the house, she is still my best girl! I love her more with everyday that passes and cannot believe God blessed me with such an amazing daughter. So, Happy Birthday to one awesome gal!


Rachelle said...

Awwww....WOW can't believe she's 6!!! I'm going to be celebrating that birthday before I know it.

Mimi said...

She is a beautiful little girl and reminds me of you so much!!! It's great to have a little daughter to call your best friend and I am so BLESSED and LUCKY to have 2!!!! God knew I needed 2 little girls to have a hand in each of my hands!!!!And I carry their hearts on my sleeves everyday!!! Love that!!! Enjoy her everyday, hugs and cuddles...