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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning!!

It's funny how months of preparation, buying, wrapping, decorating, and anticipation are undone in all of 15 minutes! This year was the first year that Landon and I have had our very own Christmas. You'd think after 6 years of marriage this wouldn't be so, but because of Landon's previous career, we never lived in one place long enough to do the whole Christmas thing! This was the first year we've ever decorated a tree and had our own Christmas morning in our own house. Landon and I have been so blessed our entire marriage and experienced things that people only see on TV, but I would not change where we are today for anything! Landon's football days are over, but we have built a life that is filled with love, trust, and true friendship. This was by far the best Christmas we have ever had- hands down!

Maddie finally got her Nintendo DS. I must say, that is my favorite toy! It's so fun!! Sam had so many Diego and Little people playsets that he didn't know where to start! Landon actually did really well this year. I have a boutique here in town that I love and he had the owner help him pick out some new clothes and jewelry for me. I was so proud of him!! I didn't really have a list or anything, but everything he bought were things I would've bought myself.

We spent the rest of the day at Landon's parents house. His entire family was in town and we had the best day!! I had to make 2 pumpkin pies and a greenbean casserole. It's sort of a running joke about how much of a non-baker I am; but this year I rocked those pies!! They were awesome. Well, I thought they were awesome :) I'm posting an old pic of the first time I ever baked a pumpkin pie- it's one of my favorite pictures because Sam is just so dang cute (it's the first one).

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Mimi said...

HI Erica!!!
It's Jamie, Corie and Stacie's Mom!!!
I love how everyone has grown up and has little families of their own!!! I'm so proud of you, your family is amazing!!!What a blessing!!! God is so good to all of us. You look so happy!!!!Please write sometime!!!!