The Trusty Fam!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm a blogger!

Well, to sum up the past 6 years in one blog would be extremely difficult! Anyone who knows Landon and I know what kind of crazyness our lives have taken on! We were married almost 6 years ago and I am so incredibly lucky to have married my best friend. We have 2 amazing children, Madison (5) and Samuel (2). We're pretty sure a third one will be in the works soon, but not until I finish school! Landon is in the process of taking over an Insurance Firm here in Hot Springs and I am finishing my degree in History at Henderson State. I coach highschool volleyball and also am the co-Director of Hot Springs Juniors Volleyball Club.


Us said...

Hey!!! Welcome to the blogging world! SOOOOO glad to see you here! Can't wait to see what's going up in the TRUSTY house! You guys are so CUTE!!!!

racheljenae said...

yay!!! Well yay for two you're blogging so I can stay up to date more :) and two...there's a third one to come :) You guys have the cutest kids, so you must have more! I can't believe they are so big!

Chelsea said...

I love blogging!! I never thought I'd come around but the info on people is just more valuable! I'm glad your here, shoot me an email so I can send you mine (private). Glad you're so involved with Volleyball! I ended up with a History degree too - i love it!